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We are ready for our April Meetup about Time Series and monitoring. Its in our CurrencyFair offices next door to the US Embassy in Ballsbridge.

There are three Engineers from CurrencyFair, newRelic and RobusPerception to share their experiences about monitoring and time series. This topic is extended and we will try to cover it in the best way with 3 different showcases like infrastructure, deployment and some tricks to use this data in the best way.

About our speakers

Gianluca Arbezzano, a Software Engineer at CurrencyFair.
He is a PHP developer but works on different stack layers, automation, scalability and HA. OSS contributor for several projects and a member of Doctrine ORM developers team. A strong believer in best developing practices and a supporter of different User Groups. His fields of interest are various and constantly in evolution: scalable infrastructures, reaching the goal of building some of them on top of AWS, DigitalOcean.

Breno is a Sales Engineer at New Relic, based in Dublin, Ireland. An electrical
engineer in the early 1990′s, Breno gradually moved into networking and Unix administration and then to ERP, CRM and marketing automation. He is passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring to organisations of all sizes.

Brian Brazil is a core developer of Prometheus. He has over 10 years
experience managing and monitoring large-scale systems at companies such as Google. He now uses his skills to help organisations get the most out their systems and staff.


6.30 Doors open

7.00 Food

7.15 - 7.45 Gianluca Arbezzano @CurrencyFair

You can log everything, but if you are offline when the problem will be that system will be down. It is an ugly truth but you are not a 24h parser for your logs. Luckily there are a lot of tools that can help you to resolve this problem: Slack, IRC, email or a real slap – it is not important what you use but remember this concept. During this talk we will see how build a monitoring system based on InfluxDB, a popular time series database and how to close the circle with a notification trigger if the system detects an anomaly.

7.45 - 8.15 Breno de Avellar Gomes @NewRelic

A deployment can be tracked by a cURL call or integrated with automation tools such as Jenkins. The panels display metrics before and after the deployment. developers can evaluate the impact in pre-production in order to refine any aspect before it reaches production. The direct links to transaction traces speed up the identification of root causes. Furthermore analyzing code promoted to production ensures any unforeseen spikes are quickly traced.

8.15 - 8.45 Brian Brazil @RobustPerception

Prometheus is a next-generation monitoring system with a time series database at it’s core. Once you have a time series database, what do you do with it though? This talk will look at getting data in, and more importantly how to use the data you collect productively.

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