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March is CloudConf month! It’s the biggest European conference about Cloud Computing, it found a home in Turin and this year it was the 4th edition.

500 attendees, 3 tracks and 20 speakers - an international conference focused on scalability, high availability, provisioning, best practices, docker, databases but also real time and agile methodology.

It’s the point of impact for a lot of big tech companies, this year the speakers come from Atlassian, Amazon Web Service, StackOverflow, RedHat and it counts on different sponsors like OVH, Microsoft, Aruba, Amazon, Corley..

I attended this event as a speaker and I spoke about “Parallel Made Easy” a real showcase made with Zend Framework Community about the split of the ZF framework in different independent components.

This split was done on AWS with 55 servers, it’s a great example about how the Cloud and the new way to see resources can help tech to persist expensive tasks in a small amount of time and with low cost.

You can find my slide here. In practice the goal is to split the main Zend Framework 2 git repository to different repositories (~50) one for each components, in order to increase the maintainability and the value of each component.

We wrote a procedure to split our history with the git api and one script to provide a new server for each component in order to persist all splits in parallel and save time. On average each component requires 8 hours to be split, in this way we completed the split in 8 hours in total.

Put another way, a five-person company can harvest 10,000 servers with no infrastructure investment, all at the push of a button. That can be pretty disruptive to industries where computing power is everything. GreenButton ex. CTO Dave Fellows

Made easy because for us get new resources now it’s very easy because the Cloud exists. We sent an email to AWS and after one day we were allowed to power on 55 serves, awesome!

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